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Colleges achieve 40 percent greater applicant-to-start rate

Targeting right-fit students and leveraging Helix’s technology is driving increased results

According to new data, Helix Education has found that its OPM model, used to attract and enroll post-traditional students, empowers colleges and universities to achieve a 40 percent greater application-to-start rate than the Eduventures-reported industry average of 16.7 percent.

These results are testament to Helix Education’s focus on outreach to those students who are most likely to enroll, coupled with proactive and personalized communication throughout the enrollment and admissions process.

“The typical enrollment funnels we see across higher education tend to be too top heavy with students who are not ideally suited for a particular institution or program. Simply adding more prospects to the funnel isn’t the answer,” said Matthew Schnittman, CEO of Helix Education. “Rather, we identify the best fit students for the right programs and institutions. Our data intelligence platform helps enrollment coaches truly understand each student’s background, motivation and potential, allowing them to engage in precise and prescriptive dialog that is designed to help each individual make a meaningful connection with the institution, navigate the process, enroll and start. The result is an optimized enrollment funnel with new student starts who are ready to succeed.”

Helix Education’s data-driven inquiry management platform, Helix Find, and its enrollment CRM, Helix Enroll, ensure an institution’s enrollment team reaches out to the right students, with the right message, at the right time. As highly qualified prospective students enter the funnel, enrollment coaches respond immediately and set the stage for a truly student-centric, supportive experience where the conversations are ongoing and relevant.

As more students move through the enrollment funnel, the actionable intelligence provided from Helix’s technology ecosystem continues to evolve. Enrollment coaches rely on this information to support proven contact, qualification and transfer strategies that better engage prospective students and maximize application-to-start rates.

“Helix Education is both attentive and proactive when it comes to enrollment growth,” said Dr. Will Friesen, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Judson University. “They understand the adult learner, and create a personalized approach from initial contact through enrollment. It is a formula that holds our enrollment funnel together and continues to improve results.”

Laura Ascione