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New service helps to ensure high-quality online courses

Smart Sparrow launches new service to help academics and corporate learning specialists create engaging online courses

Smart Sparrow, a provider of adaptive learning and learning design, has launched the Learning Design Studio, a team of learning designers, engineers, and UX and graphic designers — with offices in San Francisco and Sydney — who work with educators to transform analog courses into dynamic learning experiences.

According to a recent MIT report, unprecedented investment in education technology is creating demand for teams of learning engineers and designers, who can help academics and corporate learning specialists integrate new technologies and approaches to drive more meaningful learner outcomes. The Smart Sparrow Learning Design Studio was developed to help universities and corporate organizations keep pace with this growing demand.

The Smart Sparrow Learning Design Studio partners with higher education institutions and corporations to deliver visually engaging, interactive courses. The Studio supports innovative educators directly, partnering with in-house instructional design teams, or managing the entire creation process for institutions. Rooted in exceptional learning science, the courses designed in partnership with the Studio provide educators with data, analysis, and actionable insights that can better inform instruction.

“Educators already know what kinds of activities and experiences inspire and engage students. Our goal is help them leverage technology to get there,” said Dror Ben-Naim, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow. “Our Studio was established to help educators design the courses they want for the digital era. In the past, technology has demanded that academics adhere to its limitations. Now, we’re reversing the trend by putting academics in control.”

To date, Smart Sparrow has helped over 8,000 educators worldwide create over 20,000 simulations, digital lessons, and blended courses. Earlier this year, Smart Sparrow partnered with St. Petersburg College to create the Learning Design Starter Kit, a free set of tools to help academics apply cutting-edge learning science, create rich, interactive, and adaptive courseware, and capture user data to evaluate student engagement.

The Studio has taken home a number of awards, mostly recently being recognized as Platinum and Gold winners in the 2016 LearnX Awards.

Laura Ascione