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NMC launches app for the higher ed trends data

New app, produced by Mirum Learning and powered by Adobe, brings to life the publication’s key analysis of the technology landscape for higher education leaders

As part of their strategic partnership, the NMC and Mirum Learning have released a mobile app to better inform university and college professionals of the developments poised to disrupt the field.

The app, now freely available for the iPhone and iPad and Android tablets in the iTunes and Google app stores, is an interactive version of the NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition, a publication that has garnered a quarter of a million downloads in nearly 200 countries since its launch in February. Now in its 15th year. the NMC Horizon Project is the longest-standing study into emerging technology uptake in education.

Developed by Mirum Learning leveraging the Adobe AEM Mobile platform, the app’s design is intended to make the report more digestible and mobile, allowing users to drill down on specific content that is of interest to them — wherever they are. Videos, visualizations, and links are embedded throughout the report app to encourage readers to dive deeper into each trend, challenge, and development in technology, learning more about pressing subjects like the personalization of learning and robotics. Leveraging the power of Adobe AEM Mobile, the app provides a rich, interactive content experience, both online and offline, along with advanced features such as native search and social sharing.

“We’re excited for the edtech community to view the NMC Horizon Report from a brand new perspective, and we hope the app helps us reach more education leaders with timely insights to better inform their strategic planning,” said Samantha Becker, NMC Senior Director and manager of the NMC Horizon Project. “Mirum really understands that magic intersection of sleek design and engaged learning.”

“Working with the NMC was a pleasure from day one and the rich content of the NMC Horizon Report lent itself perfectly to creating an interactive mobile edition,“ said Lorenzo Vallone, SVP/CTO of Mirum “We are thrilled with the way the NMC Horizon Report mobile app turned out; it’s not only a great example of transforming printed content into a visually engaging, interactive experience but it clearly reflects the capability of the Adobe AEM Mobile platform to deliver these powerful mobile solutions easily and effectively.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the publication of a special NMC strategic brief, in partnership with Adobe, which explored the benefits of a new generation of learning materials — course apps. The NMC believes the field of digital learning resources is ripe for innovation, and the 2016 NMC Horizon Report app is an example of what educational materials could look like for all university and college courses, combining mobility, interactivity, engaging design, and integrated analytics.

The app is being initially launched for the NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition. The goal is to produce apps for every major edition from the NMC Horizon Report series to amplify the impact of the NMC’s research across academia.

Laura Ascione