5 tips for finding the best backup solution for higher ed

With a little due diligence, you can navigate the treacherous waters of backup solutions and find the right one for your institution.

data-backup-cloudOne of the more challenging trench-level problems for our institution, Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS), to overcome has been endpoint backup.

At FTS, we support faculty and staff using more than 500 devices. Some devices are institutionally-owned, some are not, but all are fully managed by our team—so we can provide a good balance of security and usability. Our users are spread across eight campuses: the main campus in Pasadena, CA, plus seven regional campuses across the western U.S. With such a geographically dispersed group of cross-platform users, we need a reliable, yet platform-agnostic backup solution.

Over the last six years, our IT team has setup (and been disappointed by) no less than three separate backup solutions: one that was outmoded years before we stopped using it, another that required so much babysitting that it would have made the perfect plotline for Adventures in Babysitting 2 (yep, child of the 80’s here), and a third solution that experienced such a catastrophic server meltdown that it ate itself out of sheer embarrassment. Clearly, we needed something better.

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