15 facts about the modern college student

New data reveals college student tech use, technology and resource spending

modern-college-studentIn what some would consider a dramatic shift in the way colleges and universities now consider potential students, part of the modern marketing strategy [recruiting], as well as keeping students happy [retention], is in knowing what makes today’s incoming students ‘tick.’ And according to new data, it’s all about the technology.

Gone are the days when even notable colleges and universities could simply rely on students coming to them without much effort, as the current economy and job market make rising tuition costs and practicality major drawbacks for students. Institutions now increasingly find that they must reach out to student needs and wants, providing student service incentives for recruitment and retention.

And the first step in providing the right incentives is to know what today’s modern college student cares about, including the technology they use and spend money to access.

“If there are two things that can be counted on, it’s these: college students have become increasingly dependent on technology; and college students and technology are virtually a recession-proof market,” says Presta Electronics, which created a new infographic on the modern college student.

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