Students can now skip the line without being a jerk

Qless eliminates physical queues, allows students to line up virtually

line-qless-studentsNobody likes waiting in line, but everyone hates a line skipper.

Thanks to a new partnership between Blackboard and Qless, students will be able to skip lines without actually skipping in line. Instead, Qless “eliminates physical lines” completely.

Rather than lining up at a location, users “line up” virtually. The app is already in use at several colleges and universities around the world.

“QLess is the only solution of its kind, allowing students to see and join a live queue remotely, while working seamlessly with walk-in traffic,” Alex Bäcker, founder and CEO of Qless said in an announcement.

The partnership with the Blackboard would integrate the app into the learning management system’s mobile platform, Mosaic. Using the function in Mosaic, students can schedule, edit, and cancel appointments. When making an appointment, students are placed in a virtual queue.

Real time wait forecasts and text message alerts let a student know when he or she is about to reach the front of the line.

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