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Tools of the Trade

November 2, 2018

Have a look inside one of today’s leading creative studios. What’s there? What’s not? You’ll see less paper and more projects. Faster output and blossoming creativity. Higher productivity and smaller,… Read More

Raising their Game

November 2, 2018

The global market for video games will reach $82 billion by 2017, according to DFC Intelligence, far outpacing worldwide movie-ticket sales. The next generation of game consoles will push the… Read More

Providing student access is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be a headache. Since ultimately it will be students using and learning with these devices, it’s important to… Read More

Community colleges, private and public universities, undergraduate and doctoral programs have one shared goal: student success. This goal hinges on a variety of programs and engagement techniques.  The most effective… Read More

A resurgence of interest, innovation and investment in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is underway. Immersive technologies like AR and VR, often enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), are… Read More

Facilitating deeper learning with emerging technologies and the power of workstations Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), multimedia and other technologies are transforming educational models, especially in engineering and creative… Read More

Traditionally, the technology department has been in charge of IT purchasing decisions but today, technology spending has moved to many parts of the business and organizations must understand their unique… Read More

Whether you are part of a small league trying to stream more events, a university with limited production resources or a production company looking to support smaller budget projects, we… Read More

Projection mapping creates new opportunities to engage students, impress donors, and enhance educational content. This ‘how-to’ guide explains the steps required for a typical projection mapping project, with a strong… Read More

At college and university classrooms nationwide a shift is afoot, with innovative teaching arrangements and approaches creating more active learning environments—and fostering collaborations between student and teacher that are making… Read More

Higher education professionals can and must do more to improve accessibility for students with disabilities. All too often, even with barriers removed and accommodations made, many students with disabilities face… Read More

Deliver modern campus services that increase student and faculty engagement. Use a single cloud platform to ensure resources align with strategic priorities. Take the tour. Read More

When higher-education institutions invest in new methods to support students and faculty, they require tools that create competitive advantages and efficiencies without sacrificing students’ ability to learn. One such tool… Read More

Since its origin, Apple has been instrumental in helping higher education institutions provide the right resources to faculty and students. As the must-have tool for researchers and on-the-go professors, Mac… Read More

Most experts believe that it’s not IF your network will be compromised, but WHEN. The volume of users and devices, especially with large-scale adoption of IoT, makes the university campus… Read More

“Can you identify and intervene with at-risk students?” is just 1 of the 10 questions you need to ask before adopting a student engagement solution. Read More

A revolution is taking place with physical security for buildings and campuses. Smart locks managed via the network are replacing traditional mechanical locks and bringing great benefits in terms of… Read More

The classroom of the future needs to embrace integrated technologies that improve student connectivity both throughout the school day and once they go home. A combination of collaboration and communication… Read More

Helping students succeed in higher education requires the marshalling of many different resources at colleges and universities. Looking at recent retention and graduation rates over the past five years, one… Read More

Providing a collaborative environment that meets the needs of all attendees in a virtual class or meeting can be challenging. Collaborate can make your virtual classroom and web conferencing solution… Read More

Educators must meet the needs of students with limited time, money and resources. Online testing and assessment tools like Maple T.A. allow you to assess understanding of math-based concepts and… Read More

To push the cutting edge of education and the quest for knowledge, college and university libraries are embracing new forms of technology and learning spaces, including 3D printing. This white… Read More

Faculty carefully select learning materials to supplement instruction—materials that play a critical role in ensuring students can persist. Learn six tips for implementing a program that provides access to the… Read More

Interested in learning more about stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers and why they may be the right choice for your educational or research needs? Download our white paper if you want… Read More

When higher-education institutions invest in new methods to support students and faculty, they require tools that create competitive advantages and efficiencies without sacrificing students’ ability to learn. Read More

As higher education facilities work to create enriching environments for students and faculty, digital signage technology is now a common sight on university campuses, but its applications are changing: It’s… Read More

The same way that university student fads come and go, campus communication trends are always changing. As technology evolves, university communication methods have progressed from simple bulletin boards in student… Read More

Pace University is ready for labor law compliance. Are you? Download now to learn from their positive experience how an automated system can deliver accurate audit tracking, improve visibility and… Read More

Learn about the true cost of manual absence management and how using an automated absence management solution can help universities see absence trends to better control costs, improve productivity, and… Read More

Moving your ERP to the Cloud? Next-generation cloud technologies can help universities streamline student engagement, trim costs, predict growth scenarios and unify their technology environments. This White Paper will provide… Read More

Learn how incorporating 3D printing into the higher ed curriculum can help prepare students for success in STEM careers, and how students from the Sheridan College of Mechanical and Electrical… Read More