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When technology evolves to facilitate unprecedentedly rich and immersive learning experiences, workstations provide a sound approach to let every student and instructor benefit. This white paper highlights how higher education… Read More

It’s no secret that 21st century teachers and school administrators are under enormous pressure to differentiate instruction to enhance learning for all students, regardless of ability or their innate interest… Read More

The Graduate Gap

July 25, 2017

Only 33% out of 600,000 students assessed were “success ready” in terms of 21st Century skills such as decision-making and initiative, according to a 2014 study conducted by Gallup, Microsoft… Read More

How does your institution measure and develop the career readiness competencies, or soft skills, that are most in-demand with today’s employers like decision-making, initiative and reliability? The Am I Job… Read More

The custom installation of these seven Mondopads now offer students opportunities for large scale visualization of data and images along with business class video conferencing. Read More

Pace University is ready for labor law compliance. Are you? Download now to learn from their positive experience how an automated system can deliver accurate audit tracking, improve visibility and… Read More

Learn about the true cost of manual absence management and how using an automated absence management solution can help universities see absence trends to better control costs, improve productivity, and… Read More

IT teams need a seat at the C-level or board table as drivers of the 21st century classroom. This white paper examines how IT departments can be more proactive, better… Read More

Moving to the Cloud?

July 7, 2017

Next-generation cloud technologies can help universities streamline student engagement, trim costs, predict growth scenarios and unify their technology environments. This White Paper will provide you the key learnings from the… Read More

Online courses are a part of the changing education landscape, but many students find it hard to focus. Discover technology and tools that engage students, meet their needs with a… Read More

Data-driven decision making has become a standard practice in higher education today. As more campus functions become automated, college and university leaders are collecting a wide range of information to… Read More

Combining industry research with findings from a survey of higher education leaders, this report explores 5 ways cloud technologies are impacting institutions today and offers perspectives for universities to consider… Read More

ITProTV’s videos, virtual labs and practice exams help students master skills while meeting career and certification requirements. Download our free course implementation guide. Read More

Developing high-quality online education courses in STEM requires the right balance between volume, quality, interactivity, speed and ease of access. Read on to learn how institutions can select a courseware… Read More

Students must truly engage with their course materials to succeed in their classes. Read how Texas A&M University-San Antonio uses a digital content delivery platform with interactive close reading tools… Read More

How to create meaningful student engagement in an online classroom environment. Read More

Deliver on the promise of student engagement, empowered faculty, and institutional success. Read More

At college and university classrooms nationwide a shift is afoot, with innovative teaching arrangements and approaches creating more active learning environments—and fostering collaborations between student and teacher that are making… Read More

According to recent survey by The Center for Digital Education, over 91% of respondents agree that active learning better prepares students for college and careers than traditional education frameworks. This… Read More

View this infographic to find out what the Center for Digital Education discovered when they surveyed K-20 education decision-makers about the challenges and benefits of active learning. Intel Inside®. Powerful… Read More

As the drivers and facilitators of the tech-oriented, 21st-century classroom, IT teams need and deserve a seat at the C-level or board table. Here’s how they can do it. Read More

With the right platform, digital learning materials can provide students with an interactive, adaptive, and engaging experience that’s worlds away from glorified PDFs. Here’s what colleges and universities need to… Read More

Limited time and resources are always challenges for IT departments; therefore, we’ve created guidelines that truly allow you to do more with less by making alterations to your planning processes.… Read More

macOS Security Checklist

March 15, 2017

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark for macOS is widely regarded as a comprehensive checklist for organizations to follow to secure their Macs. This white paper from Jamf will… Read More

This white paper empowers you to combat the threat of security breaches. After reading, you’ll be able to identify common types of security breaches, prevent hacks and malicious software from… Read More

Cameras in classrooms can deter violence, theft, and bullying—and help police respond to unfolding incidents. At the same time, their presence raises questions about privacy, the nature of learning spaces,… Read More

IT expert Dr. Tom Ryan, Chief Information & Strategy Officer for Santa Fe Public Schools and CoSN Chair-Elect discusses IT budgeting strategies in this webinar to enable you to take… Read More

This eBook explores the game-changing versatility and realism for educators and students with the world’s only full-color multi-material 3D printer. Read More

Learn how Universities can use 3D printing to enrich engineering courses, challenge existing teaching paradigms and raise student design teams to the level of industry – all on a budget. Read More

Ransomware is the most profitable type of malware in history. In the past, malware typically did not deny access to systems or destroy data. Attackers primarily tried to steal information… Read More

Replacing outdated infrastructure with modern, secure technology reduces security risks by creating a trusted network at every layer. It also improves efficiency, productivity and service delivery—and can better position institutions… Read More

Network Readiness Guide

February 20, 2017

Is Your School Network Ready? Network readiness is an important factor in any new IT project at companies both large and small. New applications seem to require more bandwidth than… Read More

Enabling Bring Your Own Device

February 17, 2017

The idea of bring your own device (BYOD) for connectivity has been well recognized in most networking environments. Yet some corporations are still struggling to understand its potential impacts. For… Read More

For years, thought leaders in higher education have warned of disruptive change looming on the horizon. And with the advent of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, many proclaimed that… Read More

As the core instructional platform for a college or university, a learning management system is fundamental to supporting high-quality teaching and learning—and therefore it’s critical that higher-education leaders choose the… Read More

With more than 50,000 students, the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) system is the largest public education institution in Virginia, and the second largest community college in the United States.… Read More

3D printing labs on college campuses expand educational horizons and workforce readiness by opening students to the world of professional grade 3D printers. This white paper outlines Stratasys’ “Superlabs” program… Read More

In this report, we showcase two 3D printing programs in higher education: Design for Manufacturing: 3D Printing Certification at Dunwoody College and 3D Printing and Product Design at East Stroudsburg… Read More

St. Edward’s University of Austin, Texas chose Extreme Networks to help modernize their network with a solution that was cost-effective and simplified the management of the network. Read More

The Benefits of Connecting People, Processes, Data, and Things with Integrated Network Technology Solutions Read More

As the Internet of Things comes to the college campus, the requirements for network bandwidth and security must be well understood and expanded to accommodate the massive amount of data… Read More

Fueled by big expectations for increased Wi-Fi performance, the excitement building around Wave 2 of 802.11ac comes as no surprise. But is it just more technology hype or will Wave… Read More

As higher education implements Bring Your Own Device programs on campus they face critical technology issues. These issues must be resolved to achieve learning success for all students. Read More

Remote Learning with 60 Mondopads at Eight Campuses Maximizes School’s Instructional Resources Read More

Read More

At Hinds (Miss.) Community College, VitalSource Access is putting affordable course content at students’ fingertips on or before day one of classes. Learn how the rural college is enabling student… Read More

Educators are moving beyond traditional lectures in favor of more active and collaborative approaches to learning. But supporting a mix of devices and platforms is problematic—and what if some team… Read More

Learn how providing students with day-one access to affordable course materials can lead to improved student outcomes. Read More

Evangel University has been able to transform students’ education both inside and outside the classroom through the implementation of a smart Wi-Fi network. Students can easily and confidently connect and… Read More

No one wants to see angry tweets to the Chancellor about poor Wi-Fi. To attract and retain students, IT needs to deliver a consistently great user experience on campus, including… Read More

Bad Wi-FI is a bigger problem than you think. Students today are “digital natives” looking for digitally-enabled classrooms and learning. Read this white paper to learn how you can provide… Read More

In growing numbers, colleges and universities turn to a one stop service model to enable students to take care of all of their service needs in one place. Several factors… Read More

Information security is a never-ending battle against constantly evolving threats. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and their attack vectors are always changing. The threat landscape is expanding, with new devices joining… Read More

When big name retail, healthcare or financial brands suffer a breach, it’s all over the covers of newspapers and the lead story on the evening news. How do news organizations… Read More

Since its origin, Apple has been instrumental in helping higher education institutions provide the right resources to faculty and students. As the must-have tool for researchers and on-the-go professors, Mac… Read More

Underutilized Birmingham-Southern College classroom is now campus’ in-demand collaboration hub. Read More

Learn how Penn State has mastered online learning and collaboration—offering 1,000 plus courses to more than 12,000 students from around the globe via their award winning World Campus. Read More

3D printing can inspire students to imagine, build, test their ideas, and engage in meaningful learning. With the help of many of our customers’ schools and our Education Advisory Board,… Read More

Planning for Overtime

September 23, 2016

Call it the Titanic syndrome: They know an iceberg lies ahead, but don’t understand that most of its mass—and the most likely area of impact—lies beneath the surface.  That’s one… Read More

With large quantities of student and faculty information on hand, complicated information systems and distributed environments spread across departments, higher education institutions are subject to breaches in the same fashion… Read More

Decision management software helps educators at all levels make the right decisions at the right time in dealing with a number of critical challenges that they face. Read More

From crowded lecture halls and dormitories to satellite campuses, the Cisco Meraki cloud networking solution is built for the demands of higher education Read More

As cybercriminals increasingly profit from brazen attacks, your cyber-risk strategy is under the microscope. With the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report, which analyzes advances by security industry and criminals, see… Read More

Infographic:  Attackers are commandeering legitimate infrastructure and reaping millions in profit.  Defenders are struggling to detect and combat threats, and confidence is falling.  View the latest information in this engaging… Read More

The most effective way to confront this dynamic threat landscape is to make security as pervasive as the Internet of Everything itself – extending to wherever employees are and wherever… Read More

There are 3 main models of online proctoring: live, automated, and on-demand. Each with varying flexibility, cost, scalability, and accuracy. Download our eBook to learn the pros and cons of… Read More

Read More

It’s a fact: students want more online courses. Institutions need to design courses specifically for these online students, courses that they know are working every step of the way. Analytics… Read More

Educators are increasingly relying on technology to help transform the learning experience from traditional, one-size-fits all instruction to flexible, on-demand approaches that are designed to support individual learning styles beyond… Read More

Non-HP cartridges can cost more than you think. The price may seem attractive at first but add up the costs associated with poor reliability, lower print quality, replacing failed cartridges,… Read More

Since 2013, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has distributed almost 7,000 Dell tablets powered by Intel® processors to incoming freshmen as part of its mobile tech initiative, which helped the… Read More

3D printing has been around since the 1980s, but it was slow to take off because the peripheral ecosystem such as materials, software, robotics, 3D graphics and the Internet had… Read More

Wireless Content Security

April 22, 2016

Based on wireless connectivity, there has been a fundamental shift in how people collaborate in today’s meeting spaces, and how they are also connecting to technology. Previously, meeting space participants… Read More

Campus construction spending exceeded projections by over 12% in 2015. View this infographic to find out where the money is being spent, and how technology is helping campus managers handle… Read More

Learn how to evolve your online proctoring strategy from the insiders at Clemson University Online.  Download the Guide, Webinar & Case Study to learn how Clemson is centralizing its proctoring… Read More

Lately, many of the institutions we work with have been expressing an interest in competency based education (CBE), a learning approach that focuses on a learner’s ability to demonstrate measurable… Read More

The US Department of Education offers a clear definition of CBE: “Transitioning away from seat time, in favor of a structure that creates flexibility, allows students to progress as they… Read More

With Admissions budgets tightening and ever increasing enrollment targets, channeling resources into the most effective strategies is vital. How does video compare? Understand the ROI argument for video within your… Read More

Yesterday’s chalkboard served a less complicated world than today, in a time before the worlds of economics, business and politics intersected and began to demand that educators and their institutions… Read More

Students today are dramatically different from students ten years ago. They’re not attending college just for a degree and “the college experience;” they want assurance of a job at the… Read More

In an effort to better understand the challenges associated with retention and graduation, Blackboard surveyed hundreds of higher ed administrators and students from public, private and two-year community colleges, to… Read More

See how this instructor uses Camtasia’s video creation platform to breathe new life into online classes, improve success rates, and relieve the stress of student’s new to online learning. Read More

This white paper presents five best practices for universities to successfully incorporate 3D printing into classrooms. Real-life examples come from Savannah College of Art and Design, Coventry University, the New… Read More

The annual report on Apple device usage and managing Mac and iPad in higher ed institutions uncovers the latest trends associated with Apple device usage in high ed, why leaders,… Read More

Learn how incorporating 3D printing into the higher ed curriculum can help prepare students for success in STEM careers, and how students from the Sheridan College of Mechanical and Electrical… Read More

Explore a university library that incorporates collaboration technology to create an engaging learning environment. Read the case study about the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University… Read More

Virtual environments can immerse students in realistic conditions so they can safely practice and learn from their mistakes. Download the paper, “Visualization and Simulation for Research and Collaboration,” to learn… Read More

Schools can experience substantial learning disruption when unforeseen events keep students and staff from reaching campus. With innovative IT solutions, schools can provide remote data and app access and BYOD… Read More

Requiring students to work in designated areas at designated times hampers learning. By supporting new curricular models and student needs, IT can cut costs, enhance data security and create new… Read More

Education IT administrators are grappling with rapidly changing student needs and usage habits. The old way of providing computer access on campus is giving way to increased mobility and access… Read More

Learn how the IBM SPSS Data Collection family can meet all of your survey research needs, including survey authoring, interviewing, management and reporting. Read More

Discover four advanced analysis techniques that make survey research more effective. Read More

Discover how IBM SPSS predictive analytics can help you create, field and collect data simultaneously in many languages, via any mode, and from any location. Read More

Mobile students need mobile workspaces with on-demand, secure access to the apps, data and services they require, expanding beyond traditional methods to promote independent and exploratory learning – without compromising… Read More

The Future of LMS

October 31, 2015

Rapid changes in student demographics, advancements in technology, and alternative learning models are forcing a rethink about how higher education interacts with—and supports—its students. Find out what role the learning… Read More

Today’s modern learning management system (LMS) isn’t just a repository for storing, managing, and delivering course materials—it’s a fully-featured platform, designed to increase student engagement and retention. We talked with… Read More

Get an insider's view of how data mining helps higher education by saving resources while maximizing efficiency and improving outcomes. Three examples are included. Read More

Predictive analytics uses advanced algorithms to analyze donor data and deliver a 360-degree view of individual donors. These analytic results provide detailed insight into the needs, preferences and behaviors of… Read More

This white paper written by Eduventures for IBM SPSS is explains how predictive analytics can be used in education to improve student retention and includes IBM SPSS case studies. Read More

Marist College

September 30, 2015

Marist College employs IBM Cognos software in the cloud to help boost student performance Read More

Brockenhurst College

September 30, 2015

Brockenhurst College ... Delivering an exceptional student experience with personalised learning pathways Read More

Australian National University

September 30, 2015

Australian National University ... Entering a new age of enlightenment with advanced analytics from IBM Read More

Student retention is the biggest challenge facing education institutions today. But how do you manage at-risk students? Read More

When planning to purchase an additive manufacturing system, buyers will find capabilities and a price range wider than products from most any industry. Systems can range from several hundred dollars… Read More

Keeping track of the time and effort employees spend on grant-funded projects can be an incredibly difficult process, especially when employees are working on multiple projects simultaneously. But it doesn’t… Read More

Clemson University’s administration, technologists & faculty came together to curb cheating and expand their online program. Follow their story as they set out to find a proctoring solution that meets… Read More

Before you make a significant investment, it’s important to understand the basic processes of different 3D printers, not to mention the various materials and costs that are unique to each.… Read More

How are higher education institutions using cloud computing, and which services and applications are most popular? How do institutions pay for cloud services? What benefits and challenges do technology decision… Read More

What is a fully connected campus? With the increasing affordability and prevalence of networking devices, BYOD has completely changed the digital game of higher education institutions. The conflict remains: how… Read More

The Internet has shown great promise for education in terms of enhanced teaching and learning, effective assessment, professional development, operational efficiencies, and access to information and resources. Among the teaching… Read More

Blink and you’ll miss it. Technology is transforming education faster than we know it. In our comprehensive E-book, you’ll learn how and why the internet of everything is changing everything-… Read More

If your current Online Course Development Program is a series of email strings and static spreadsheets then it’s time you discovered what Cutting Edge Technology in education process management can… Read More

Experts share advice on developing a strategy for meeting students where they are – on their phone Read More

IT professionals working in higher education dread the “move-in day blues,” when networks have their limits tested by a rush of demanding students who expect a flawless Wi-Fi experience. Download… Read More

With increasing demand for online learning coming from both distance learners and on-campus students, colleges and universities must provide a synchronous learning platform. Beyond satisfying this need, institutions are increasingly… Read More

Free Guide: More than 80% of IT leadership consider analytics a priority for higher education’s continued success. In this guide, we have drawn on the experience of a wide range… Read More

Pace University is ready for labor law compliance. Are you? Using manual methods to track labor is less than accurate and could put your higher education institution at risk for… Read More

Do you know what impact the ACA will have on your college or university? Don’t wait until it’s too late to put a plan in place. This Center for Digital… Read More

Smart Educational Tool

March 24, 2015

In today’s interactive classrooms, smartphones and tablet devices have become integral tools for education, but sharing content and material with/and amongst students usually requires working with complex classroom AV systems… Read More

Manufacturing is making a comeback in the United States, according to some. If that’s true, it’s partly because higher education has been helping students learn design and prototyping work. As… Read More

Evaluate the pros and cons of live and on-demand online proctoring technologies with this investigative whitepaper. Read More

Download the eBook to learn more about the new ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One 23. Built for lightning-fast setup, strong integrated security, and legendary Lenovo reliability, it’s the perfect solution for schools looking… Read More

Download the flyer to learn more about the new ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One 23. Built for lightning-fast setup, strong integrated security, and legendary Lenovo reliability, it’s the perfect solution for schools looking… Read More

Schools need desktop solutions optimized for modern learning. Watch our ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One 23 product video to see breakthrough space efficiency, integrated security, and superior ease of use – up Read More

The ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One 23 was built for fast deployment in and out of the classroom. We challenged a NASCAR pit crew to a friendly race: Watch our video to see… Read More