Back Office Innovations: Creating Secure, Compliant Workflows

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eCampus News, Editor-at-Large

How to build efficiencies and data security and compliance through forms process automation

Part Two: Creating Secure, Compliant Workflows

Amongst the myriad disruptions to campus operations last year, the ability to properly manage traditionally paper-based processes was taken away. The only solution was to automate—and most schools are discovering they are better off because of it. Replacing old paper trails with codified digital workflows complete with e-signatures not only better protects the data on those forms but better ensures the validity of the transactions themselves.

Join eCampus News’ panel of experts in the second part of our webinar series to discuss building efficiencies and data security and compliance. Hear how replacing the back-office paper chase with online solutions improves the user experience for everyone—parent, teacher, and administrator alike. Learn methods to capture signatures for important documents like transcripts, course changes, and vendor contracts while staying compliant and also saving time and money.

We’ll be hearing from industry experts:

  • Peter Mosinskis, Deputy Chief Information Officer at the California State University Office of the Chancellor
  • Roman Klinkovich, Sr. Leader of Engineering at Adobe
  • Brian Kelly, Director of the Cybersecurity Program

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