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Here’s what makes students 200 percent more likely to pass

Digital learning resources could prove invaluable when it comes to course achievement

A new study indicates that students who engage with digital learning tools are dramatically more likely to pass their courses.

The research comes from Blackboard, VitalSource, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and is based on UMBC student engagement data across a diverse range of courses, including a variety of course subjects and class sizes. It assessed students’ use of Blackboard Learn and Bookshelf by VitalSource.

The results point definitively to the value of high engagement with digital resources. UMBC students who were highly engaged with digital learning tools were 200 percent more likely to pass their courses than students who were less engaged with the digital tools, according to the study results.

Incoming C students with low engagement had a 37 percent likelihood of passing a class, while similar students exhibiting the highest level of engagement with Blackboard Learn and/or VitalSource had a more than 90 percent likelihood of passing a class.

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Laura Ascione

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