Virginia Tech is working toward camera-covered campus

Virginia Tech will spend almost $1 million on new digital security cameras.

Ken might look like one of the crash-test dummies, but he doesn’t get banged around. Rather, he is a sort of film star, used to evaluate the best sites around Virginia Tech to place new digital security cameras.

Ken and his handlers from Northern Virginia-based X7 Systems Integration are working under a nearly $1 million contract to install a networked video security system around campus.

Ken’s job is to stand very still while cameras film him, so technicians can assess the quality of images at various locations.…Read More

Virginia Tech security put to the test in gun scare

A Virginia Tech gun scare raised international interest in minutes Thursday as the campus was alerted and secured, police went on a search and a sketch of a suspect was produced, the Roanoke Times reports. But as the day wore on and media inquiries came from stateside and abroad, no evidence was turned up of a safety threat–a situation that started about 9 a.m. That’s when three teenage girls reported that they’d seen a man possibly carrying a gun near Dietrick Dining Hall, university officials said. The girls were on campus as part of Higher Achievement, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that sponsors academic programs for at-risk middle school students…

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