Crunch the numbers: New data on students and DEI, the effect of career coaches and community colleges, the rise in upskilling demands, and more

Canadian college and university students do not prioritize a company’s support for diversity & inclusion or gender equality in their career decisions. Instead, students prioritize high future earnings. This is according to a talent study from Universum, an employer branding research firm. In 2023, students from Canada are expecting CA$66,678 in salary before bonuses and “high future earnings” is the single most important attribute when considering a potential employer. 

Universum surveyed over 28,000 Canadian students to understand their career goals, aspirations and perceptions of 200 employers worldwide. Each year they ask students to identify the employers they think are most relevant on campus, and this feedback forms the basis of their employer list. Find the full list of the Most Attractive Employers in Canada here.

Notable findings from the 2023 Canada research include:…Read More