Which colleges are successfully graduating high-income students?

U.S. News is often asked to collect, analyze, and publish more information about how well colleges and universities are serving their students from different income levels. We recently conducted a first-ever analysis of how successful colleges are at graduating low-income students, based on data exclusively collected by U.S. News. Now, for the first time, we are also able to answer the question of how schools are doing at graduating their students who come from families with the highest incomes relative to the rest of their student body. The Higher Education Opportunity Act, passed in 2009, requires that schools disclose the graduation rates of students who received a Pell grant (federal aid given to students from low-income families), students who received a subsidized Stafford loan but not a Pell grant, and students who received neither. These three separate graduation rates indicate if a college is successful in serving students from different income levels…

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