British company improves student engagement online

BlikBook is a social platform that allows students and educators to connect online through a specific question.

A British company aiming to improve online engagement in higher education has just raised more than $1.5 million in funding and is eyeing the United States market.

BlikBook started in 2010, but is now gaining popularity in England and Ireland. This summer, the platform is being used in courses at a third of universities in the two countries.  The company recently announced that it will move its headquarters to Dublin, though an office will remain in London, where the company was launched.

“This is a nice first test for us in geographic expansion,” said Cheyne Tan, BlikBook’s managing director. “We’re really driving out trials in the U.S. now. We’ve been selectively, and quietly, doing tests there.  It’s definitely a market that understands this type of thing.”…Read More