Viewpoint: No eMail left behind

Cary offers myriad ways for campus IT leaders to protect student information.

Colleges and universities have come to rely on electronic communication as a way to quickly collaborate, exchange ideas, and share data. For the more than 10,000 students, faculty, and staff at Pepperdine University, sharing information digitally–often in the form of large documents, media files, or data files–is a key function of the learning process and critical to our institution’s success.

For example, faculty at Pepperdine frequently collaborate with faculty at other institutions, sharing large data sets and running analysis on that data.  From the student perspective, instruction at Pepperdine University is highly collaborative and team oriented; many student projects involve collaborating on large media files.

Exchanging files in student work groups is particularly challenging for the almost 4,000 fully-employed students in the graduate schools, who often have no chance to meet in person until class time.…Read More