Experts say U.S. must do more to secure the internet

In a Feb. 23 hearing, industry experts told Congress that the federal government must take a more active role in securing the internet, reports the Associated Press—arguing that as businesses and governments rely more on cyberspace, the prospect of a serious attack grows. Comparing the digital age to the dawn of automobiles, analysts said more government regulations might be the only way to force the public and private sectors to adequately counter cyber threats. They compared the need for new oversight to regulations for seat belts and safety equipment that made the highways safer. At stake is the need to secure the network infrastructure that is vital to national security and daily life without choking off business innovation and competition. President Barack Obama declared cyber security a major priority early last year, but his administration struggled to make progress, not naming a new cyber coordinator until December. “Cyber [security] has become so important to the lives of our citizens and the functioning of our economy that gone are the days when Silicon Valley could say hands off to a government role,” Michael McConnell, former director of national intelligence, told the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee…

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