What Romney’s education plan means for college students

In addition to providing must-watch late night television, student debt continues to play a role in the presidential election, U.S. News reports. On May 23, Mitt Romney unveiled his own education plan, “A Chance for Every Child: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Restoring the Promise of American Education.” While the plan is relatively lacking in shock-value, your Student Loan Ranger will take a stab at breaking down its implications for higher education from our own inimitable student debt perspective. According to A Chance for Every Child, higher education is ensconced in a “new normal” in which “education is unaffordable, a government loan is an entitlement, default is the norm, and loan forgiveness is the expectation.” Despite this somewhat hyperbolic description, the issues it highlights are not unfamiliar to even casual followers of higher education or this blog-although our take on some of these issues may differ from Romney’s…

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