Opinion: What James Franco NYU grade lawsuit tells us about universities

A former professor at New York University is suing the college and states the university fired him because he gave his student, actor James Franco, a “D,” according to Fox News, says L. Vincent Poupard for Yahoo! News. As a political/business consultant, this story has less to do with Franco and more to do with the corruption and inequality that can be exposed at universities. It is sad when money can have a stronger impact on grades than the application of what was learned. Jose Angel Santana, Franco’s former professor, states in the lawsuit that other professors gave the actor good grades even though he skipped classes on a regular basis. Santana claims the reason why he almost failed the actor was due to his skipping 14 of the 16 scheduled classes. He believes the university and staff gave Franco a lenient grading curve because he was a big name that could bring attention to the campus and due to his hiring of one of the professors to write and direct a movie for him…

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