The importance of resume keywords

Years ago, when résumés were still sent to employers by mail, job seekers hoped things like a high-quality paper stock and unique, professional formatting would catch the eye of an employer. These days, things are a little different, AOL reports. First of all, it’s rare that employers even accept paper résumés anymore–the snail mail method of sending in a résumé is basically obsolete. Second, and more importantly, it’s not even the employer’s eye that job seekers should hope to catch anymore–more likely, they’re trying to get noticed by an Applicant Tracking System (essentially a résumé search engine), now commonly used by employers to pre-screen résumés and separate the qualified candidates from unqualified ones. This digitized version of candidate screening brings with it a whole new set of résumé rules. No longer are human resources managers scouring résumés looking for intriguing phrases on luxurious linen paper. Now, résumés are downloaded into a database and digitally searched for specific keywords. If your résumé doesn’t contain the keywords the employer is looking for, consider yourself overlooked…

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