Gallaudet worker: ‘Pro-democracy,’ not anti-gay

Gallaudet University’s embattled chief diversity officer said she wasn’t taking an anti-gay stance when she signed a petition advocating for Maryland’s same-sex marriage law to be put to a vote, the Washington Post reports. Instead, Angela McCaskill says she was joining 200,000 others in standing up for the rights of voters to make decisions at the ballot box.

“I thought it was important that as a citizen of the state of Maryland I could exercise my right to participate in the political process. I am pro-democracy,” McCaskill explained at a news conference Tuesday in Annapolis, speaking out for the first time since the university’s president placed her on administrative leave last week after it became public that she had signed the petition.

McCaskill’s attorney said repeatedly that McCaskill had never publicly taken a stance on gay marriage, that she is not anti-gay and that she has supported gay students at Gallaudet……Read More