Intel unveils revolutionary computer chip design

Intel's new "tri-gate" transistors could help keep Moore's Law going for years to come.

In the race to build a faster computer chip, there is literally nowhere to go but up: Today’s chip surfaces are packed with the tiniest electronic switches the laws of physics allow, but Intel Corp. says it is blowing past those limits with a breakthrough, three-dimensional transistor design it revealed May 4.

Analysts call it one of the most significant developments in silicon transistor design since the integrated circuit was invented in the 1950s. It opens the way for faster smart phones, lighter laptops, and a new generation of supercomputers—and possibly for powerful new products engineers have yet to dream up.

Minuscule fins jutting from the surface of the typically flat transistors improve performance without adding size, just as skyscrapers make the most of a small square of land.…Read More