New iTunes U update has useful tool for educators

iTunes U’s update includes an iPad course creator—but will prove useful?

Copyright: Bloom Design/Shutterstock

There are over 500,000 free lectures, videos and other resources available on iTunes U, which was created in 2007 as a section of the iTunes store dedicated to providing users with educational content.  Over 155 countries have access to iTunes U’s repertoire of material, made easier by Apple’s most recent update.

Apple announced on June 30 that they have enhanced the iTunes U experience for iPad users. For example, educators are now able to create and edit their own iTunes U courses directly on their iPads for the first time. They can incorporate pictures and video captured from their iPad’s camera and also add their work from other apps such as iWork or iBooks Author to their iTunes U courses.

“This is about selling more iPads to schools by making time-strapped teachers’ lives easier,” wrote Natasha Lomas.…Read More

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