Opinion: Supreme Court should end affirmative action in college admissions

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear the controversial case Fisher v. University of Texas. The case comes from Abigail Fisher, a white college student, who sued the University of Texas after she was denied admission, says Calvin Wolf for Yahoo! News. Because she was not in the top 10 percent of her high school graduating class, she had to go through a general admissions process where applicants’ racial backgrounds were taken into account. Fisher and her supporters argue that this process is discriminatory. Up until now, colleges and universities have been allowed to use race as a factor in admissions because it is considered a compelling interest of the public to have colleges and universities that are racially diverse. The current standard of affirmative action usage in college admissions comes from the 2003 Supreme Court case Grutter v. Bollinger, discussed by the Ohio State Law Journal, which allows continued use of affirmative action as long as race is not a deciding factor and is only one of many factors in an applicant’s admission…

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