A groundbreaking portal takes research to the next level

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has launched a new online tool designed to connect university researchers with industry leaders (and with each other) in an effort to spur innovation throughout the state.

The Ohio Innovation Exchange is a searchable online database containing information about the faculty, projects, facilities, and equipment located at the state’s research institutions. Businesses, fellow researchers, and others can search the website by keyword, researcher, fields of research, featured patents, and other criteria to find potential collaborators for their work.

It’s all about connections
The project’s goal is to facilitate partnerships between researchers and industry professionals to advance innovation, says Charles See, vice chancellor for external relations and education technology at the Ohio Department of Higher Education.…Read More

Universities commit to open-access journal movement

College students could have greater access to scholarly journals if open-source efforts gain momentum.
College students could have greater access to the academic research in scholarly journals if open-access efforts gain momentum.

A dozen major universities have signed a pact to make academic research available free of charge online and forgo the pricey subscriptions to scholarly journals that can cost campuses tens of thousands of dollars annually, creating barriers for professors’ research to be widely read.

Duke University on Oct. 3 became the latest American campus to sign the Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity (COPE), an effort first introduced by Stuart Shieber, a computer science professor at Harvard University and director of Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communication.

Nine U.S. universities have signed the pledge to “recognize the crucial value of the services provided by scholarly publishers” and underwrite “reasonable publication charges” that could make it feasible for faculty members to submit research articles to the open-access program.…Read More