Tomorrow University’s Impact MBA Launches on Apple Vision Pro in Germany, France, Canada and the UK

BERLIN Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences announces the global expansion of its groundbreaking Impact MBA program on the Apple Vision Pro, made available in new markets from July 12. This milestone underscores the university’s commitment to pioneering innovation in education by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance learning experiences and community building. Interested learners can sign up now to start the MBA program in September 2024 with the Vision Pro. 

Starting in July, the Apple Vision Pro will be available in new markets including Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, China and South Korea. Following a successful launch of the MBA in the US, Tomorrow University is  the first university to offer an online MBA on the Vision Pro, using innovative spatial immersion technology to transform business education. 

Key Features of the Impact MBA on Vision Pro: 

  • Immersive Learning: The Vision Pro’s advanced mixed-reality capabilities allow students to engage deeply with 3D visualisations and interactive simulations, simplifying complex concepts and facilitating real-world application. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Virtual classrooms and meeting spaces enable seamless interactions with peers and mentors, fostering a strong sense of community and collaborative learning, no matter where students are located. 
  • Personalised Learning Journeys: Tailored educational experience with customisable features, specialised tracks and extracurricular activities that align with students’ career goals, values, and personal mission.

  • Real-Time Data Interaction: Learners can manipulate real-time data and analytics in a virtual space, providing a hands-on approach to understanding and solving complex business problems. 

  • On-Demand Learning: The platform is easily accessible on Vision Pro or any mobile device, allowing students to learn on-demand, challenge their knowledge, and develop new skills at their own pace. 

  • Continuous Support: Dedicated faculty offer ongoing support and guidance, ensuring students receive the help they need at every step of their educational journey. 

  • Weekly Expert Sessions: Participate in sessions with industry leaders and mentors, gaining deeper insights and staying updated on current trends. 

  • Peer Group Engagement: Engage in peer groups for knowledge sharing, book clubs, interest groups, and in-depth discussions, enriching the learning experience and building meaningful connections. 

The Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership is a comprehensive program designed to equip future leaders with the skills needed to drive sustainable change and innovation in their organisations. The curriculum focuses on practical applications and real-world impact, ensuring that graduates are prepared to address the pressing challenges of today’s business landscape with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

“Tomorrow University is at the forefront of educational innovation, and our collaboration with Apple Vision Pro reflects our commitment to providing an unparalleled learning experience,” says Christian Rebernik, CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow University. “Expanding our Impact MBA program to new markets will enrich our community and empower more learners to drive sustainable innovation and make meaningful contributions to their industries.” 

Tomorrow University is passionate about revolutionising education to make a global impact. Rebernik believes in the transformative power of technology to make education more accessible, effective, purposeful, social, and engaging. He recently shared his insights about how AI will transform classrooms, highlighting the importance of integrating new technologies to create better learning experiences. The university is honored to be a member of Life for Climate Action and takes pride in being recognised as the Top Innovative EdTech Institution in Europe and on a global scale for its continuous efforts in innovation and excellence in the field of education. 

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About Tomorrow University: 

Tomorrow University – the global university for impactful careers – offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA degrees, and short courses in sustainability, technology, leadership, and innovation. The curriculum is built around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is designed for self-discovery and skill development. Learners gain the tools, skills, and network to address real-world challenges and lead businesses towards a sustainable future. 

The university’s learning model tailors the educational journey to learners’ personal goals and global challenges. It focuses on practical skill development through challenge-based learning, delivered by world-leading industry experts. This practical approach fosters personal growth and prepares students to transform both themselves and the global economy. Asynchronous, bite-sized lessons also allow learners to easily balance work and studies. 

Tomorrow University leads in educational innovation with a fully remote environment, using next-gen technology to enable social and gamified learning. It is an immersive platform available on all mobile devices, including the Apple Vision Pro for its Impact MBA learners. The learning experience is complemented with in-person events and city hubs worldwide, allowing peers, faculty and industry partners to build meaningful connections. 

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