USC Deploys No-Code E-Learning Platform to Virtualize Online Teaching, Student-teacher Collaboration and Automated Grading

PHOENIX, AZ (August 2021) — Odesso, a leading enterprise SaaS provider that invented the Orchestration Cloud, announced it’s no-code cloud orchestration platform has been deployed by the University of Southern California (USC) to virtualize online teaching, student-teacher collaboration and automated grading. This mobile e-learning platform was deployed within six weeks using Odesso.

Using No-Code automation was a way for USC to take advantage of a full spectrum of educational opportunities. The goal of automation was to streamline processes to provide a better student and educator experience. As the need for eLearning grew, organically and through the Coronavirus pandemic, USC needed to make its collaboration processes more efficient all while providing an engaging end user experience.

The Odesso No-Code Builder platform that allowed citizen developers to make live changes to classrooms, assignments, grading logic and collaborative workflows without having to write a single line of code. A major focus was on electronically distributed mobile student assignments and automated grading workflows.

The Results using Odesso

  • Deployed a secure mobile experience within six weeks
  • COVID-19 safety enforcement while maintaining educational operations
  • Reduced system maintenance costs
  • Empowered citizen developers to run No-Code platform
  • Improved student and educator experience

To learn more about Odesso’s no-code solutions, visit

About Odesso
Odesso is a platform that empowers those who are knowledgeable and closest to the business challenges across your organization to capitalize upon market opportunities and respond to sudden changes to regulatory or compliance requirements. Odesso’s powerful enterprise no-code platform enables these experts to rapidly address, create, and deploy apps and automation solutions to address the business’s immediate needs without the need for IT and developers or causing additional data silos.

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