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Vernier Software & Technology Updates its Flash Photolysis Spectrometer for College-Level Chemistry

Spectrometer’s reduced body size and new filters, as well as free experiments, help students further explore chemical kinetics and photochemistry

Vernier Software & Technology recently updated its Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer to further support college-level chemistry exploration. This user-friendly, compact tabletop instrument—used for demonstrating the fundamental principles of chemical kinetics and photochemistry—now features an even smaller body size and 15 new filters. Updated experiments utilizing the Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer are also available as free downloads.

“At a mere fraction of the cost of other transient absorption spectrometers, the Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer provides students with a functional and intuitive way to study photochemical reactions and conduct transient absorption spectroscopy,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology. “The spectrometer’s smaller footprint and enhanced features, on top of its already robust functionality, make it an ideal solution for any college chemistry laboratory.”

The Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer now includes two excitation colored glass filters and 13 detection dielectric interference filters. These filters, ranging from 450–700 nm, help students measure the absorption and emission changes over time of a photoexcited sample at a single wavelength. Now powered through USB, the spectrometer also gives students an accurate, reproducible kinetic trace of a photocatalyzed reaction with 100 microsecond temporal resolution that can be obtained with free software used on a Windows® computer.

With the Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer, students can conduct a range of experiments demonstrating the fundamental principles of fast, photo-catalyzed reactions. This includes excited-state dynamics, triplet-decay analysis, time-resolved phosphorescence, phosphorescence-quenching kinetics, isomerization, reactive free radicals, photocatalysis, and more. A selection of these experiments can be accessed on the Vernier website.

To learn more about the newly-updated Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer, visit www.vernier.com/vsp-fp.

About Vernier Software & Technology Vernier Software & Technology has led the innovation of educational, scientific data-collection technology for 40 years. Vernier was founded by a former physics teacher and employs educators at all levels of the organization. The company is committed to teachers and to developing creative ways to teach and learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) using hands-on science. Vernier creates easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software. With worldwide distribution to over 150 countries, Vernier data loggers are used by educators and students from elementary school to university. Vernier technology-based solutions enhance STEM education, increase learning, build students’ critical thinking skills, and support the science and engineering practices detailed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Vernier business culture is grounded in Earth-friendly policies and practices, and the company provides a family-friendly workplace. For more information, visit www.vernier.com.

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