Students actually convincing colleges to let them major in tweeting

Usually, when your rich uncle mansplains how to become a successful lawyer/banker/doctor/midlife-crisis-haver at Thanksgiving dinner every year, he will counsel you, “Don’t major in underwater basket-weaving or English, whatever you do.”

Well, there might be a new joke major in town, joining the Communicationses and Philosophies and Anthropologies before it: social media, BetaBeat reports.

Yes, several colleges are now developing social media programs, USA Today reports. Southern New Hampshire University offers a social media marketing MBA, while Excelsior College offers an MBA in social media management, and other schools like Ohio University are offering a few social media classes.

Never mind the fact that kids these days are practically born tweeting. It’s a viable career field and everything–but doesn’t majoring in social media in 2013 sound a lot like majoring in 8-track engineering in 1982?

Twitter and Facebook could be extinct relics in 10 years or less, for all we know. One professor points out to USA Today that the media landscape changes quickly, and students need to be on the cutting edge–something nobody has ever learned how to do in a college classroom.

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