Venture capital funding for ed tech at ‘unprecedented’ levels, expected to rise

Novak Biddle Venture Partners invested in eight education innovators in the same four-year span. 2Tor, maker of a unique online classroom setup used by the University of North Carolina’s business program, Fidelis College, and Starfish Retention Solutions were among the companies that received funding from Novak Biddle.

Colleges and universities haven’t had the same success in spending on classroom technologies during the ed-tech investment boom.

Thirteen states are set to drop higher-education funding by double digits in 2012, the federal stimulus has run out, and student enrollment continues its uptick, forcing colleges and universities to find financially creative ways to fund pricey educational technology such as campus lecture-capture systems.

In Tegrity’s “Funding Lecture Capture in Higher Education,” researchers say ed-tech funding isn’t as easy to find as states slash college funding, but there are still reliable methods for keeping lecture capture systems on campus.

“Higher-education leaders just need to be prepared and do their homework to determine which solutions fit best,” said LeiLani Cauthen, vice president of the Center for Digital Education. “Given the recent budget constraints that higher-education institutions are experiencing as a result of the loss of federal funding, it is clear that administrators must search for alternative ways to secure the funds needed to maintain their institution’s [educational] technology leadership.”

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