Berkeley police department, Albany receive funding approval for armored vehicle amid concerns from citizens

An armored vehicle isn’t protecting the UCPD against public outrage, the Huffington Post reports. Critics of the University of California Police Department at Berkeley, Berkeley Police Department and Albany Police Department’s pact to seek government funding for a shared armored vehicle are wary that police forces are seeking to use the machine to stifle protests. Critics’ fears may stem from previous reports of procedural inconsistencies and excessive forcefulness from the UCPD in the aftermath of its responses to on-campus Occupy protests. According to the Los Angeles Times, a report written by the campus’ independent Police Review Board “found that officers appeared to have strayed from campus policies and norms in their use of batons against protesters and called on the university to better explain when the use of force is appropriate.” Additionally, The Daily Californian reports that an armored vehicle was brought by officers to a UC Davis Occupy protest…

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