TeleMate.Net Software Makes YouTube for Schools Even Safer and Simpler

With Google’s release of YouTube for Schools, teachers and administrators are finding it easier to safely integrate valuable educational videos into the classroom without the risk of exposing students to racy images or offensive comments. However, many have found that it is not a silver bullet.

Although YouTube for Schools does solve some of the concerns around user-generated videos, issues still plague the solution. For instance, users have reported:

– A lack of integration with existing web filters
– Improper blocking of links to non-educational featured videos
– Educational videos missing or truncated within approved playlists
– Advertisements intermittently made visible within school playlists

As a result, TeleMate.Net Software has updated its NetSpective Internet Content Filter to provide K-12 customers with a multi-pronged approach to managing YouTube access in schools and districts.

The NetSpective Internet Content Filter integrates seamlessly with YouTube for Schools. As school technology administrators enable the appropriate web filtering policy, students are routed to education-specific, pre-approved video portals, while teachers self-manage videos and playlists through YouTube on an individual or class basis.

Referrer Depth Control is another way schools can easily manage filtered YouTube content using NetSpective. Using this feature, administrators can simply block, and then selectively allow access to appropriate videos linked from specific websites or domains, such as a school website or a teacher’s webpage. Policies can also be set to allow users to visit the target webpage and up to two additional links from that page.

NetSpective customers are also leveraging video white lists to provide classrooms with access to appropriate YouTube channels while blocking any inappropriate content.

In a previous release of NetSpective, schools were given to ability to automatically enforce YouTube Safe Search. This feature is easy to implement and extends control over objectionable, distracting or explicit videos.

Though most solutions take a “Model T” approach to web filtering – “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – NetSpective is committed to making web filtering easier for administrators, faster through real-time automated management and better quality without the premium cost.

For an online demonstration of TeleMate’s NetSpective Internet Content Filter, request a demo at or contact us at info(at)telemate(dot)net.

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