Preventing Adderall abuse in colleges

As a college student, there was a small container that I held sacred: my medications. I was diagnosed with ADHD my sophomore year and immediately put on Adderall. Despite a few annoying side effects (including sleeplessness), the medication really helped to curb impulsive behaviors, says S. Gustafson for Yahoo! News. My grades immediately returned to the A’s and B’s I had received in a more structured high school environment. I was really grateful to have Adderall, but also worried that it might get stolen. ADHD stimulant abuse is common at many colleges and I suspected that my school was no exception. My psychiatrist warned me to keep my drugs safe, telling me horror stories of students whose drugs were stolen and sold on the black market. My paltry insurance plan didn’t cover the cost of Adderall and I really couldn’t afford to lose the pills for which I paid nearly $300 a month…

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