Free online school coming to some in Haiti

The WCE has the most partnerships in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, India, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania, according to the organization’s web site.

The CGI was created in 2005 and its members have secured more than $57 billion for projects across the globe affecting 220 million people in 170 countries, according to the organization’s web site. CGI members helped nongovernmental organizations ship 1,500 pounds of computer and networking equipment to Haiti in the months following January’s earthquake.

There are some costs associated with the university’s course offerings. Students pay between $10 and $100 to process exams taken at the end of the semester. The charge depends on the student’s country of residence.

Admissions, study materials, and online interaction with faculty members that include retired and working professors, experts from various fields, and graduate students are available at no cost.

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