InfoComm 2010 highlights changing nature of AV

Samsung also touted its new palm-sized pico projector—known as the SP-H03—which features an integrated multimedia player and a high-resolution LED output that is suitable for presentations in smaller classrooms. The six-ounce device easily can be carried in a pocket or briefcase, and educators can present images of up to 80 inches to their students, according to the company. As with the F10M, the SP-H03’s LED lamp is designed to last up to 30,000 hours.

Digital signage solutions

Black Box Network Services demonstrated its line of iCOMPEL digital signage players for schools that want to alert or inform faculty, staff, and students in the hallways or on campus. Black Box’s signage comes with a ticker loop that can announce cancellations, sports scores, and schedule changes, among other announcements. And schools won’t be short on technical help: The company offers free, unlimited tech support, and it guarantees that calls will be answered in 30 seconds or less. An entry-level option, iCOMPEL UltraLite, is ideal for schools looking for single-screen applications or multiple screens displaying the same content, starting at $1,245. Black Box signage also comes with a 45-day unconditional return policy.

RidgeLogic Development’s SceneStudio is a standalone digital signage messaging system with a range of applications. The system allows students, faculty, and IT staff to create digital signage content on a media player or from any computer on the college’s local network, providing greater flexibility for digital signage messaging. SceneStudio also allows users to split the screen into defined regions, which can overlay one another for creative design.

Interactive whiteboards and displays

SMART Technologies’ 685ix interactive whiteboard system was designed to eliminate shadows, glare, and projector light that can prove distracting to students. Teachers will have 20 percent more workspace with the 685ix model, and they can write with the whiteboard’s pen and erase the writing with a swipe of their hand, according to SMART. The whiteboard has a lifespan of 2,500 hours in standard mode and 4,000 hours in economy mode.

Wacom introduced two new interactive pen displays, the DTU-2231 and DTU-1631, with direct pen-on-screen input. The DTU-2231 features a 21.5-inch screen widescreen HD display with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, while the DTU-1631 features a 15.6-inch LCD screen with 1,366 x 768 resolution. Each model includes an internal USB hub for connecting a flash drive, web camera, or other USB device. A video pass-through feature allows the work done on the pen display to be shared directly with a secondary display.

Video capture and editing

Broadcast Pix demonstrated its Slate and Granite series of control panels and switchers for producing live video. The units allow schools to create compelling live video productions of sporting events, assemblies, news programs, and other events, without assembling an expensive control room and hiring a big team to run it, the company says.

At InfoComm, Broadcast Pix introduced a streaming bundle that couples a Slate or Granite video production unit with streaming video equipment from ViewCast, allowing users to stream their video feeds live over the internet or a school’s internal network.

The company also highlighted its Slate Portable unit, which it describes as a “control room in a briefcase.” Slate Portable packs all the features and functionality of the regular Slate unit into a 45-pound box on wheels. The lid opens to reveal a keyboard on the back side, but you also have the option to edit video on a touch screen—controlling camera feeds, creating transitions between shots, and so on.

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