A student focuses on her laptop in the library, representing how online learning programs are managed.

5 principles to guide online learning programs

Research shows how online learning programs vary in the extent to which faculty are prepared to teach and manage them

Faculty preparation for teaching online courses varies widely by institution and is far from consistent, according to a new report gauging how online learning programs are managed.

The report, a joint effort of online program manager Learning House and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), follows up on previous research showing that almost 90 percent of surveyed AASCU schools with online programs experienced barriers around faculty acceptance of online learning, along with the increased effort faculty devoted to developing online courses.

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Research shows that finding and equipping faculty members to teach online courses is one of the biggest concerns AASCU members say they grapple with.

This most recent report presents survey responses from 95 AASCU chief academic officers responding to questions about how institutions recruit and train online faculty.

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