skills gap

Could more collaboration close the skills gap for new graduates?

A report examines the troubling issues contributing to the persistent skills gap employers face as they seek out highly-skilled graduates

A new study reveals that despite progress, the majority of new hires lack the skills necessary to perform at a high level in the workplace.

What’s more, the lack of collaboration and alignment between academia and business, along with planning and budget limitations, sideline efforts to prepare students for the skills they will need to be successful in the professional world.

Building Tomorrow’s Talent: Collaboration Can Close Emerging Skills Gap,” from Workday and Bloomberg Next, also points to barriers that keep new graduates and existing working from being prepared for current and future workplaces. The study highlights how skills needs have changed in the face of new technologies and the evolving nature of work.

The research also uncovers the barriers to ensuring that new graduates and existing workers are prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s workplace.

The soft skills gap is troubling, and while a majority of corporate and academic respondents–69 percent and 88 percent respectively–feel their new recruits and students are prepared with hard skills, more than 40 percent of corporations and almost 50 percent of academic institutions said new hires lack the soft skills to perform at a high level in a professional environment.

Laura Ascione

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