How to improve faculty and staff onboarding in higher ed

Here's how to streamline your forms and your processes

The hiring and onboarding processes can be extremely complex for colleges and universities. Higher-education institutions often bring in hundreds of new employees every year—from professors to student workers to administrators to dining service personnel. Hiring and onboarding these employees can involve dozens of hiring managers across various departments and multiple campuses. And the institutions must adhere to a number of strict state regulations for educational employers.

Not surprisingly, higher-ed HR teams can have a hard time tracking all the paperwork and tasks required to welcome new employees. This is a big problem, since flawed onboarding leads to poor employee retention, which negatively affects enrollment numbers.

If you’re struggling to manage the complexities of your institution’s onboarding process, there is hope! Creating an automated, digital process can significantly standardize and streamline higher-ed onboarding. Here’s how online onboarding forms and an automated workflow can put you on the path to success.

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