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Data analytics initiative aims to increase retention

Agreement Gives McGraw-Hill Education exclusive rights to represent ZogoTech’s data analytics, platform, applications and services

McGraw-Hill Education, a learning science company, and ZogoTech, a provider of predictive data analytics services to higher education institutions, have entered into an agreement providing McGraw-Hill Education exclusive rights to sell the data firm’s proven services.

The agreement signals McGraw-Hill Education’s continued investment in learning science and data analytics as keys to improving student outcomes, and its desire to help bring ZogoTech’s outstanding data science to scale nationwide.

“We’re excited to team up with ZogoTech to bring its cutting edge analytics and services to colleges looking to make more data-informed decisions,” said Jerome Grant, SVP of Enterprise Services for McGraw-Hill Education’s higher education group. “As a learning science company, we’re constantly looking at the most impactful research and searching for innovators who are finding new ways of improving results for schools.”

ZogoTech is a provider of student success analytics solutions for community colleges. ZogoTech’s software transforms disparate data into actionable insights for users throughout an institution. Administrators can identify policy changes that will affect student success by surfacing hidden trends and identifying which interventions are most effective. Researchers can drill down to understand underlying causes, quickly pivoting millions of rows of data. Advisors and faculty can utilize front-end applications that guide them to which students are at-risk and which action to take.

“We’ve been working quietly for nearly 13 years with our partner institutions to deeply understand the data behind student progression,” said Michael Taft, CEO of ZogoTech. “McGraw-Hill Education has tremendous expertise and data around the learning moment. We have a unique opportunity to bring both of those perspectives together in ways that have never been done before.”

ZogoTech has successfully helped colleges improve retention rates. Through its work with Odessa College, for example, new data-based insights were obtained that led to an original scientifically based program for improving in-class retention rates. Those improvements have led to an in-class retention rate that increased from an average of 83 percent in 2010 to more than 94 percent in 2014.

“Our award winning Drop Rate Improvement Program would never have been developed without the analytic capabilities provided by ZogoTech’s products,” said Don Wood, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Odessa College.

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