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Research tool enables faculty-librarian collaboration

Gale Researcher launches across a range of popular disciplines

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, has released Gale Researcher, a new research platform that demonstrates the company’s unique ability to create products that tie directly to classroom learning and drive greater collaboration between librarians and faculty.

Gale Researcher is designed to help students who may not be comfortable doing college-level research or enter school lacking necessary research skills by connecting them to citable scholarly content that is aligned to introductory college courses across a range of disciplines.

“Gale Researcher is the perfect example of how we’re able to marry our content and technology to build resources that fit into the student workflow and can be used in the classroom, library or anywhere students do research,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager for Gale. “Further, Gale Researcher saves time for faculty, librarians and students, and allows librarians to demonstrate to administration how the library aligns with student outcomes.”

A recent survey of employers and students by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), and another survey of professors and students from Cengage Learning, show that while college students feel they have strong research skills, professors and employers do not. The same AACU survey also revealed a similar perception gap around critical thinking skills.

Gale Researcher was designed to help students build those important research and critical thinking skills. The research platform and curriculum tool provides peer-reviewed articles based on the scope and sequence of introductory college courses. It gives students a simple path to materials that are both topically relevant to an area of study and citable for research projects. Students are often overwhelmed by internet search results and library discovery services. Gale Researcher provides the opportunity for study-specific browsing that is rich with images and video content, including, for the first time within library resources, the ability to search within streaming video content. The result is students spend less time finding scholarly materials, and more time thinking critically about them.

Gale Researcher also enables closer librarian and faculty connection – a key need identified in a recent Gale/Library Journal survey – by providing a platform to collaborate and curate curriculum-aligned content to support student research. Librarians can demonstrate direct support for key courses through tools that allow designated contributors to customize the collection with non-Gale content (faculty works, links, and more).

Gale Researcher also seamlessly links to relevant eBook and journal content within a library’s Gale holdings, driving usage of library materials. Virtually all content within Gale Researcher can be shared via a persistent URL, allowing direct access from a Learning Management System (LMS) or syllabus.

Gale Researcher is mobile responsive and integrated with Google Apps for Education so students can login using their Google Account credentials to save, share, and download with tools like Google Drive, Docs, and Gmail.

Gale Researcher is available now for Economics, Psychology and Political Science and will soon be available for the following areas of study: American Literature, British Literature, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Sociology, U.S. History, Western Civilization, and World History.

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