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The top 5 craziest online cheating incidents

Test integrity provider offers details on some of the most common and outrageous cheating incidents

In anticipation of upcoming college finals, Examity unveiled the most outrageous and prevalent examples of students caught cheating during an online proctored exam.

Examity, a test integrity provider, reviewed 62,534 online final exams proctored last fall.

While the vast majority of students complete their exams honestly, 3,952 students or 6 percent, still violated exam rules while being proctored. Here are the Top 5 most brazen ways Examity caught a student cheating:

1. A mom hid under the desk of the test-taker to communicate answers
2. Someone just outside the room tried to cough Morse code answers
3. A woman hid a cheat sheet in her baby’s bassinet
4. One test-taker faked a coughing fit to extricate a cheat sheet in the back of his throat
5. A professional “ringer” was hired to take the test

Here are the top 5 most frequent ways Examity caught students in the act:

1. Cheat sheet – 21 percent
2. Google Search/Translate – 14 percent
3. Copying test questions for distribution – 7 percent
4. Flashcards hidden beneath keyboard – 5 percent
5. Answers hung on walls – 3 percent

The exponential growth in online education has been critical to providing further access to higher education. Examity helps level the playing field for every test-taker by ensuring all students abide by the same rules to ultimately improve the integrity and rigor of the learning environment.

Examity provides a customizable test integrity solution including live, recorded and fully automated solutions. Its proprietary keystroke identification technology, Examikey, provides an enhanced level of assurance for schools in determining the identity and authenticity of test takers.

Laura Ascione

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