New methodology unveiled to eliminate admissions bias

Kira Academic releases a combination of new features to ensure all students are assessed in a fair and objective manner, eliminating admissions bias.

admission-kira-studentsKira Talent, creators of the video talent assessment platform for universities and colleges, Kira Academic, announced its expanded platform to improve the higher education admissions process with The Kira Methodology.

Now included with the Kira Academic video service, The Kira Methodology is comprised of two major features: Competency-based Assessments and the Rubrics rating system. The features work together to help admissions teams define the attributes most important to their programs and design the application to accurately identify students that possess them.

“Many schools have a major issue when it comes to the admissions process – they don’t know what they’re looking for in applicants. Transcripts and test scores measure cognitive abilities, but we know great students are more than just test scores,” said Craig Morantz, CEO of Kira Talent. “Every program is unique and each one is looking for applicants with particular strengths. We wanted these traits to be a crucial part of every decision so admissions teams make the right selection when it comes to program fit.”

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