10 best Apple and Android Apps for research

These research apps provide everything from citation to scholarly searches


[Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on the site in June, and was one of our most popular stories. Worth a re-read? We think so! Also, happy Thanksgiving week!]

One of the biggest perks to including mobile devices in the classroom is also one of the most basic—conducting research with the touch of a finger. And outside of downloading Google’s search app, many apps cater intuitively to finding articles and annotation sources, which is helpful for any student, educator or librarian.

From showing examples of how to cite multimedia sources to being able to annotate any kind of document on a mobile device, and from creating customized online searches of scholarly publications to being able to log into your computer files from your phone, these apps are a plus for anyone interested in conducting meaningful research.

Know of any research apps for students in higher education, or apps that librarians have recommended? Have you tried any of these apps? Leave your comments in the section provided below, email me at, or find me @eSN_Meris on Twitter.

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