Missouri college no longer accepting students who take out loans

A private, four-year Missouri college is so concerned about mounting debt of college graduates in the United States that it no longer will take students who insist on taking out loans, Reuters reports. The policy on loans set by College of the Ozarks, an evangelical Christian school of 1,400 students located in a rural area near Branson, Missouri, may be a national first, according to Roland King, vice president for public affairs at the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. College of the Ozarks is unusual, however. All students work on campus, and they do not pay tuition, said Jerry Davis, president of the southwest Missouri four-year school. Ninety percent of each entering class at the college must demonstrate financial need, according to the school’s website, which says that tuition is covered by credits for campus work, along with any federal and state aid and a college scholarship, if necessary…

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