Learning analytics tools aim to boost student retention, outcomes

Learning analytics software helps professors evaluate their course structures and ensure better student outcomes.

As policy makers and campus leaders focus on boosting college completion rates, learning analytics is a field that has exploded in importance. A number of programs now exist to help instructors and campus leaders track student progress more closely, leading to better student outcomes.

Some of these programs are standalone software packages, while others are modules or features included in leading student information or learning management systems. Here’s an overview of some of the many products that can improve communication between students and professors, allowing everyone to gain a clearer perspective on students’ needs.

Canvas Analytics

Instructure’s Canvas Analytics, which launched this past June, presents dashboards for students and professors so they can make better data-driven decisions and achieve optimal learning outcomes.

Students can compare their individual progress with their peers’ performances, while professors can monitor the class as a whole and quickly detect at-risk students. Canvas Analytics also allows administrators to compare multiple courses and assess different departments and programs.

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