Data dump

Despite a belief that continuing education programming positively affects enrollments in traditional programming, they remain under-resourced
Results and analysis about what employers think of micro-credentials; the biggest perceived barriers to professional or technical skill development; the gaps in partnerships and trust for successful tech…

Recruiting, keeping, and graduating lower-income students

Recruiting lower-income students and seeing them through graduation are among top priorities for higher-ed leaders.
In this episode of Innovations in Education, Muhlenberg College President Kathleen Harring discusses the reasons behind why her institution was named an American Talent Initiative (ATI) High-Flier by Bloomberg Philanthropies, one of…

AI in Action

Twelve months ago, the acronym AI was a popular but still relatively esoteric topic. Today, the technologies, techniques, hopes, and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence have made it the…

Money watch

These five new big-time donations funding higher ed initiatives are COVID-era pronouncements of the death of traditional higher education were premature, at least when it comes to receiving…

Future Schools: How Smarter IT Enables Higher Ed

IT is critical in providing efficient and effective services to students and staff on college and university campuses
In this latest episode of Innovations in Education, join host Kevin Hogan with Keith S. Kellermeyer, Product Manager at Transact Campus Inc., as he discusses how technology can…

Esports comes of age on campus

Esports opens up a wealth of opportunities for students--here's what it looks like at higher-ed institutions today
Esports, or competitive video gaming, has been steadily gaining popularity amongst students in recent years, and only accelerated during the pandemic to be a rising phenomenon in higher…
Kevin Hogan

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