Big Deals: New Higher Ed Product News from Element451, MachineTrader, and MathGPT

Element451, the all-in-one, AI student engagement platform for higher education, today announced groundbreaking new tools to help institutions greatly improve staff productivity and student engagement. At the ASU+GSV AIR Show in San Diego, California, Element451 unveiled its new family of AI Assistants and AI-powered information discovery.

With rising college tuition costs, limited university staffing, and an increasingly competitive landscape, universities need to work more efficiently while improving engagement with all students, faculty, and alumni. According to a recent report, current generative AI and other technologies have the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time today (McKinsey – link).

Today’s announcements feature the latest breakthroughs in AI-powered solutions to address some of the major challenges facing higher ed institutions today:

  • Bolt AI Assistants – the ultimate team members, these personalized assistants use AI to provide tailored responses to specific objectives. Designed to support both students and staff, each AI Assistant is trained to handle specific roles and tasks.
  • Bolt Discovery – dynamic and interactive information discovery experience that leverages the power of generative AI to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to user queries. Designed to search an institutional knowledge base in real-time and offer up-to-date information on any topic.

“For higher ed to quickly see the benefits of generative AI, they need tools that can be utilized with natural language and designed for specific roles and functions,” said Element451 Founder and CEO, Ardis Kadiu. “We’re making it easier for institutions to not just adopt generative AI, but to quickly make it part of their strategy, assist their staff, and improve engagement across every individual student journey.”

Transforming the Way We Work – Bolt AI Assistants

Whether providing students with a personalized support system or augmenting staff capabilities with advanced tools and insights, Bolt AI Assistants are designed to enhance efficiency, foster personal growth, and streamline operations. Working behind the scenes and blending seamlessly into very specific roles, they act as an indispensable member of the team.

With today’s announcement, Element451 is introducing the world’s first highly specialized AI assistants for higher education. The AI assistants have been trained to support specific roles and functions for students and staff. These assistants are available today with more roles under development.

Students’ Personal Support Squad

  • Academic Advisor
  • Career Coach
  • Financial Aid Advisor
  • Admissions Advisor
  • Campus Life Advisor
  • Support Peer
  • Program Advisor

Staff’s Dream Teammate

  • Design Assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Campaign Strategist
  • Events Manager
  • Marketing Advisor
  • Data Analyst

Revolutionizing the Way We Discover – Bolt Discovery

Students, whether prospective or current, often find themselves navigating a maze of pages looking for specific details about financial aid, course registration, events, or academic programs. The challenge is not just the volume of information but also its dynamic nature—frequently updated, sometimes contradictory, and often buried deep within site structures.

This complexity creates friction, slows down the enrollment process, and hinders student success. To combat the complexity, Element451 is unveiling Bolt Discovery, a dynamic and interactive information discovery tool that leverages the power of generative AI to quickly access the right information.

With personalized recommendations and thought-provoking follow-up questions, Bolt Discovery delivers accurate, context-aware responses to natural language queries and guides visitors deeper into their topic of interest, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and intuitive experience. Early adopters are significantly reducing the time users spend searching for information, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Higher Education Institutions and AI Have a Bright Future Together

Element451 is putting the power of generative AI in the hands of higher education institutions to increase productivity without disrupting the way staff currently works. The new features announced today provide a seamless and intuitive experience that’s personalized to meet the needs of individual staff members, teams and students.

Element451 is already working with universities across the United States including the San Diego Community College District Office which comprises Mesa College, Miramar Community College, San Diego City College and the San Diego College of Continuing Education.

“Element451 has helped our district leverage the power of AI to better communicate with our students,” said Victor DeVore, Dean of Student Services at San Diego Community College District. “Not only have our campaigns been more effective, but we’ve seen better student engagement with the help of AI technologies and the expertise Element451 brings.”

With the new AI assistants and knowledge discovery capabilities, Element451 continues to provide higher education institutions with the tools and guidance they need to embrace the latest technologies.

For more information on Element451, please visit

MachineTrader™ has launched a pilot program allowing college investment clubs to use MachineTrader’s sophisticated trading software free of charge during the school term, which will allow young traders to learn to create systematic trading programs without writing code.

 MachineTrader™ has debuted the program at California State University, Chico under the guidance of Jaycob A. Arbogast, Director of the Center for Excellence in Finance, where he supervises the Student Managed Investment Fund. The fund manages a real money portfolio and utilizes the university’s state-of-the-art FinTech Lab. Arbogast said, “We are excited that our students have the opportunity to learn to use this new tool. They understand that systematic trading allows them to avoid the emotional pitfalls that often defeat human traders.” 

With MachineTrader™, students can create and test trading algorithms rather than make manual trading decisions. Previously, traders looking to automate trading strategies would have to learn a programming language like Python or C++ and tediously write code to connect their software to a broker-dealer’s API.

The MachineTrader™ platform offers users the ability to create flow-based processes using a visual development interface, enhanced with Open AI, allowing users to create complex programs without writing code. Running on JavaScript, logic is written automatically as users drag, drop, customize, and connect various “nodes,” which are color-coded by function. Once the algorithms are in “flow” form, they can be exported as JSON files, making them easy to reuse or to import/export for sharing.

MachineTrader™ has provided each Student Managed Investment Fund member with their own, proprietary, scalable AWS cloud instance, which has a dedicated IP address and eliminates the need for costly, potentially unreliable hardware. Any algorithmic strategy the user develops remains completely proprietary unless they choose to share it.

The platform also provides low latency trading aggregates (open, close, high, low) for all stocks and cryptos in one-second or one-minute increments. Data is displayed with powerful charting features, including popular technical indicators. 

Currently, trades are executed through the registered broker-dealer Alpaca Markets, although the number of connected broker-dealers is expected to grow.

Subscriptions are offered at $49.95/month after a 30-day free trial, and include a personal encrypted AWS application instance, asset and company financial information, and sentiment-scored news from 80+ publications. A free demo site can be accessed at  MachineTrader demo (login: demo  password: 110123). Inc is based in New York City.

MathGPT™, the first “AI Native LMS add-on” integrated with popular LMS systems, spanning both instructor and student facing Generative AI tools, will be offered in an Essentials Version – free of charge to all state and community colleges in the US.

“Too many schools can’t afford AI,” said Peter Relan, Chairman of, and investor in GotIt! Education. “With MathGPT now free, schools can try AI-based tutors — but without a hit on already tight budgets.  Our free MathGPT Essentials program also enables schools to switch from poorly functioning AI tutors that are actually slowing adoption of AI technology in education.”

MathGPT Essentials includes: 1. Course Management – the ability to create customized courses by uploading a set of educational content which will automatically get incorporated; 2. Assignment/Grading Management – automatic creation and grading of assignments; and 3. Grounded AI Tutor – an accurate, personalized, infinitely patient, AI tutor with student input evaluation/correction for each step.  Key Math subjects supported are Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus and Statistics. While MathGPT leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo language model, several technological innovations were delivered to deliver high accuracy at such a low cost that Math tutoring will become free for every college student. Learn more at

During the 2024 winter term, 30 college classrooms across the US, and even a few high school classrooms, adopted MathGPT – and in the time period before spring break, students had already completed over 10,000 AI tutoring sessions totaling over 150,000 minutes of AI driven tutoring help. In all these sessions, MathGPT did not provide students with an answer directly, it did step by step tutoring including asking for and evaluating student attempts at each step accurately, with no mistakes, and did not go off topic in the chatbot conversations.

“We started offering MathGPT Essentials, using proprietary techniques for assuring accuracy, to classrooms using free OpenStax Math textbooks in order to lower the total cost of a high quality college Math education. Now, due to our recent technological breakthroughs, we can offer MathGPT Essentials to all college level Math classrooms, not just those using OpenStax textbooks, with high accuracy achieved through dynamic guardrailing and grounding on any Math course content uploaded into MathGPT. This was always the promise of AI, but our live pilots have clearly shown us that our focus on accuracy and guardrailing has created the required level of trust with instructors and students. This has resulted in high engagement, but MathGPT pulls it off at such a low cost structure that we decided to offer the Essentials version for free,” added Relan.

Unlike other generative AI tools that rely on AI language models and their APIs to perform mathematical reasoning, input evaluation and calculations – sometimes incorrectly, MathGPT’s AI tutor, MG (pronounced “EmGee”), takes a fundamentally different approach and utilizes grounding techniques, data annotation techniques, knowledge graph blending with LLMs, and Agentic AI to deliver human level accuracy in Math education & tutoring workflows. Learn more at

“I’ve been at GotIt! since I finished my PhD in Machine Learning, and we’ve been collecting AI training data for several years by enabling millions of short, conversational micro-tutoring chat sessions between underprivileged STEM students and tutors. Finally with Gen AI we are able to turn all this data into MathGPT,” said Hung Tran, Founder of GotIt!. “Khan is great for achievers in K-12, and they use their own Khan Academy content, but MathGPT is for strugglers, and for the actual content being used by instructors in their classrooms in higher education, and for those who care about total accuracy. This is a very important difference, and I really hope we all succeed in improving Math education from K-College, using our respective strengths.”

FREE: MathGPT Essentials (Available Fall 2024)

  • Course creation with uploaded PDFs of textbook content* and/or lecture notes.
  • Assignment management with creation/grading of assignments unique to each student, plus instructor facing analytics.
  • Personalized AI Tutoring on all course content including reading material, example problems.

$25/Student/Course: MathGPT Advanced  (Fall 2024)
Includes MathGPT Essentials Plus

  • Personalized AI Tutoring for all assignment problems, without ever providing answers. Step by step student input evaluation, not just step by step explanations.
  • Built in Remedial Algebra course content and tutoring for strugglers.

Learn more at

“Our mission is to enable colleges to attract more students, with courses marked as ‘MathGPT powered’, bringing colleges more students, and giving instructors more help with an AI TA for each course and students more chance of success in their careers.  Math is a fundamental gateway subject for pre-med, nursing, actuarial sciences, business, psychology, sociology and other majors, not just engineering”, said Matt Gabler, GM of

Colleges and classrooms for Fall 2024 will be onboarded first-come-first served to verify content compatibility with MathGPT. Interested instructors, college administrators, department heads can contact GotIt! at and submit their course type, content source/textbook number of classrooms, and number of students for MathGPT Essentials or Advanced versions.

*GotIt! Education is not the provider of content for Course content, including textbooks, should only be offered through MathGPT by the teaching institution based on their agreements with content publishers/owners, and/or with their ability to use AI for transformational teaching purposes.

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