Dr. John Johnston

Charting the future of education: ASU and OpenAI’s pioneering partnership in AI integration

A collaboration between ASU and OpenAI will influence the future of AI in higher education, urging institutions to embrace opportunities.
In an era where technological advancements are ceaselessly shaping the educational landscape, the January partnership between Arizona State University (ASU) and OpenAI emerges as a pioneering model.

Navigating the future of higher education: A graduate student’s perspective

As higher-ed leaders navigate the future of higher education, they must focus on creating an inclusive, innovative, and adaptable ecosystem.
In the dynamic world of higher education, profound changes are underway, influencing both the academic and administrative realms. As a doctoral student engaged in my second Ph.D. journey,…

The academic implications of AI in student writing

AI tools like ChatGPT will be used in student writing, putting academics at a crossroads of innovation and integrity.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, the advent of AI and ChatGPT has ushered in a new era of academic assistance. As a doctoral student and research…

Coming out of the AI closet: A scholar’s embrace of ChatGPT-4

As tools like ChatGPT-4 emerge, they bring with them a new level of assistance--along with a clear message that the future is already unfolding
ChatGPT-4 has ushered in a new era of brainstorming, structuring, and drafting academic papers. Understanding that this cannot be equated to outsourcing my work to AI is crucial.

AI’s evolution sparks questions about cheating

Uncovering cheating in higher ed necessitates a multifaceted approach, combining AI tools, metadata analysis, and other investigative methods.
From the dawn of time, the relentless pursuit of knowledge has propelled human progress. Now, as higher education faces the emergence of AI language models like ChatGPT-4, questions…

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