For more innovation at colleges, push faculty to live near campus

Research shows that innovation and high productivity are most likely when thinkers interact in close physical spaces, swap information, and collaborate, says Justin D. Martin, Ph.D., CLAS-Honors Preceptor of Journalism at the University of Maine and a columnist for Columbia Journalism Review, for the Christian Science Monitor. This is why, even in our age of mobile screens, organizations spend billions of dollars each year promoting physical conferences in London, Phoenix, or elsewhere. It is why even digitally pioneering companies such as Apple and Google have literal “campuses,” on which employees coexist in innovation ecosystems. It is why, in an age in which online education is increasing, old-school, in-person classes are not only relevant but ideal. I’ve wondered, then, if it would be a financially sound move for universities to pay professors a bonus for living close to campus, or even on campus where possible…

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