Cyberbit helps Universities Solve for the Global Cyber Skills Gap

With millions of open cybersecurity opportunities worldwide, Cyberbit is helping educators position students to immediately contribute to the cyber workforce with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to excel. Schools such as Purdue, the University of Maine, Miami-Dade College and Wisconsin are already integrating Cyberbit into their curriculum to close the gap between industry expectations and academic cybersecurity programs.

Cyberbit empowers teachers to help students fill their individual skills gaps with competency-based education models. With constant evaluation of student progress across industry-standard frameworks, educators can plan and manage flexible student curricula to ensure high-level performance upon entry to the workforce.

Pedagogical learning models require students to be engaged for maximum knowledge retention. Cyberbit is the only platform that provides highly engaging hands-on learning content with deep cyber labs and live-fire cyberattacks that will provide long-lasting skills and experience for your students.

Teachers can quantify and baseline students’ performance while identifying knowledge and skills gaps by benchmarking performance and measuring student progress against industry frameworks including MITRE ATT&CK, the NICE Cybersecurity Framework, and the NIST Incident Response Framework.

About Cyberbit

Cyberbit is a market-leading provider of cyber skill development platforms. Cyberbit addresses one of the most acute cybersecurity challenges: preparing cybersecurity teams for attacks. The Cyberbit platform delivers a “Zero to Hero” skilling, training, and assessment solution on-demand dramatically increasing security team performance, improving teamwork, and improving evaluation, hiring, and certification processes. Customers include leading Fortune 500 companies, MSSPs, system integrators, academies and governments in 5 continents. Cyberbit is headquartered in Israel with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. For more information visit

eCampus News Staff