Digital workflows and e-signatures can save institutions time and money--while enhancing staff and student experiences.

3 big advantages of digital workflows

Automated workflows and e-signatures can save institutions time and money--while enhancing staff and student experiences

Digital workflows save time and money–and they also create better experiences for students, faculty, and staff. And if COVID has proven anything, it’s that digital processes are a must-have when in-person workflows aren’t possible.

During the great pivot to virtual learning–and in the return to hybrid and in-person learning–higher-ed leaders and administrators realized just how valuable digital workflows are.

The pandemic has exposed the inefficiencies in manual workflows. “When
we’re all spread out, it’s much more difficult—and we have to do a better job of
moving students’ work around and getting things signed off,” said Steven Baule, an
assistant professor of leadership education at Winona State University in Minnesota.
Manual workflows “take time,” he noted, speaking during a webinar series from eCampus News and Adobe, “and we have to move really slowly.”

By implementing proven change management strategies and thinking through fundamental knowledge management questions, institutions can achieve true digital transformation of their back-office functionality.

The process works like this: A user employs an automated solution to upload and send a document that needs to be signed. The signer clicks on the link they receive, reviews the document, and signs it electronically from a web browser, a computer, or a mobile device.

When can you use digital workflows?

The short answer: Whenever you need to. Streamlining workflows using digital forms and electronic signatures can build efficiencies throughout higher education.

Student administration: Institutions can use e-signatures to simplify student processes such as registering for classes, completing financial aid forms, adding or dropping courses once the semester begins, and more.

Laura Ascione