institutions face an increasingly complex and growing threat against breaches in information security – some based on malfeasance and others simple negligence

Why focusing on information security is more important than ever

Institutions face an increasingly complex and growing threat against breaches in information security

Although Cybersecurity Awareness Month has officially passed, it doesn’t mean bad actors have gone into hiding or critical vulnerabilities have disappeared.

As higher education has dramatically transformed and continues to do so thanks to the pandemic, there are more complexities to an institution’s infrastructure and network operations that didn’t exist 18 months ago.

Cybersecurity and ransomware attacks ramping up

Attackers are opportunistic in nature.  As our institutions’ information increasingly moves away from the data center down the hall and our people are increasingly no longer behind firewalls, the adoption of new technologies to maintain visibility and control takes time – and vulnerabilities can creep in. 

Many organizations are struggling with ramping up their teams, knowledge, and awareness around cloud identity, cloud storage, and how to properly re-baseline their security posture. Unfortunately, many successful attacks are not complex but are simply taking advantage of the gaps within the college’s network.

Shoring up your information security efforts

Institutions and their IT teams should know what they are protecting and confirm which risks have been mitigated versus those that have not. Cloud adoption, the shift to remote learning and remote work, and shadow IT all contribute to potential blind spots that can catch teams off guard even with the best technologies in place.

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